Patio Garden Spring 2008

Western patio view toward the deck and side fence. This area is an expanse of concrete between the deck and rear lawn. Probably the most used portion of the backyard. There are two seating areas, a dining table and the view here from a garden swing. Featured plants include: red pelagornium, alyssum, nierembergia, lemon verbena, purple lobelia, echinichea, heliotrope, plectranthus, angelonia, yellow lantana, penstamon, petunia, several gardenias & jasmines, lavender, hibiscus & canna lily. Various thymes, rosemary, mints & tarragon have been integrated throughout this container garden.

Perennial morning glory provides a beautiful backdrop along the eastern fence. This Spring I will be planting several bamboo varieties here to provide more privacy and create even more of a dramatic stage for the patio. Will need to break up some of the concrete to pull this off.

At night, the fragrance of this garden is intoxicating. Candles, tiki torches and colored floods provide just the right amount of illumination. New this year… wireless speakers. We can now pipe tunes from the house, or better yet directly from the garden.

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