Herb Garden Spring 2008

A splash of color added to the front of our herb garden this Spring. In the past, this area was dedicated solely to growing herbs at a time when it received full sun. Herbs are now scattered throughout the back yard. This view is down the former driveway off the alley of our 100 year old beach cottage.

Neighborhood cats tend to gather at the head of this plot, where a clump of purple flowering catnip is growing nicely. Surrounding the gazing ball is delpninium, columbine, various nemesia & lobelia, pink yarrow, rosemary, several lavenders, spearmint & thyme. Further back is a buddleia in it's second year and a rather large, 16 year old lemon verbena. I suspect these two plants will intertwine and merge creating a "lemon-scented golden buddleia". Additional plants include heliotrope, Mexican marigold, comfrey, aloe vera & Texas tarragon.

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